Is your Website dead or sleeping?

Checklist for your site – It’s time to wake up your website


Having a Website is one thing but keeping the website awake is the main thing, now what we mean by Awake is mentioned below:

  • Usability

    How well usable your website is? Usability is very important factor for visitors of your website, nobody wants to enter the shopping mall where they can get lost like a maze right? That’s the case with website too, we have to keep it simple and usable!!

  • Responsive

    Is your website mobile friendly? Now how is that important? everyone on earth now has a smart phone (I mean not literally everyone but almost everyone) and these small wireless creators is very handy to use and easy to access, so people of earth uses mobile phone 80% while browsing website over the internet and its quit frustrating that your business website opens up topsy-turvy on mobile devices . So it’s obligatory on everyone owning a single website to make it responsive according to mobile device, tablets and other small smart electronic wireless creators with display.

  • Focused

    Is your website focused? I mean you are really lucky to make the visitor land on your website now give him what he wants, simple focused website would work in that case. Website should be clear, message should be aligned with the content, and graphics should be well designed with high quality so they speak the quality work you do.

  • Sociable

    Is your website Sociable? I mean I don’t think I have to explain this one but yet here I am explaining because with great sadness I have witnessed amazing content on sites but no sharing button on social media.
    We live in social sevy environment so website should as reachable as your phone is reachable to you, get it?

  • Call to Action

    is your website has a motive? Bringing people on your website is good but what are they here for? Obviously not just wondering around, you want them to focus on something or perform certain actions like, download your app, install something, buy something, try free trial or anything else, that’s what you have to decide what action you want your website to perform on your website!!

Posted on July 22, 2014 in Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Website Development

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