7 Magical Words That Will Make Your Audience Share Your Posts

The science of words is actually a Science, the deliberate intention of word selection to make it an obvious shareable post is a common practice now. Digital media experts analyze the huge chunks of social media content before forming a single heading of a post.

Few of the words that increase Facebook posts re-sharable intensity are shown in the infographic, each of this word is analyzed through certain tools and the reaction each word has caused after being posted on social media.

But the point is there is no Science to evaluate human minds 100% accurate reaction against each of these words but yet analyzing sample was pretty confident. So all that matters is the tag line, how catchy tagline of the post is? So we created a science of words giving 99% re-sharable adoption reaction.

Well the science of words actually works, you want to know how? Then see this that you read the tag line of this post and it dragged you to actually open the post and give it a good read (well that’s a success for me) and there is a pretty good chance you will share it on your Facebook wall (we have separate scientific words for blog posting and google plus posting)

So the point to understand here is, there is one thing that matters, “the headline” of the post, the powerful the headline is, the better the audience reach and by mean powerful I mean using the secret word science for creating headlines.

Posted on August 26, 2014 in Social Media Marketing

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